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Pavemental, the book.
Pavemental - a new book of 22 photographs. Each page
is individually printed as a high quality archival inkjet print on
premium matte paper.
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From the introduction, City Language, by Edward Nixon.
“Gary Alexander is intimate with the language of his subject, with his city – with London. Each image he has collected here in Pavemental embodies a piece of London’s instantaneous physical reality and, at the same time, its lingering sense of self, its hovering cloud of memory. In order to accomplish this, Gary has repeatedly negotiated and consummated a special relationship with London. Whenever he shoots, he confronts London’s seductive physical and psychological passions. In other words, Gary submits to London’s city language and then masters it. In Pavemental, the result of his travail, we are witness to Gary’s channelling of London’s external rituals: alienation, boredom, routine, destitution, disruption and isolation.”
Edward Nixon
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