QTVR Panorama for Wrinkle 2000

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The parade is a regular New Year's Day event in London. I was near the end of the route on Piccadilly. The show seemed to consist mostly of American school marching bands and not enough inflatables for my liking. It took around two hours to pass by. After watching for awhile I set up in a side street by the Ritz hotel and shot all the images for the pano over a half hour period around 2:15pm. The sound was recorded on a Minidisk towards the end of the show.

This panorama was featured in the April 2000 UK Edition of MacWorld magazine.
This panorama was produced for Wrinkle in Time 2000. 161 people took part, each shooting a QTVR panorama on the first day of the year.
After January I decided to do one of
these for all the other Months in 2000. Next

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