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From Clay to Bronze: Allan Sly’s Pearl Diver

For various reasons, this project has been stalled for some time. I plan to have a couple of sections of animation to clarify parts of the casting process and when these have been completed the video will be finished. Update (Nov. 05): I now have someone helping me with the animations so hope to get this out in the first quarter of next year.

This video follows the construction of a bronze sculpture by Allan Sly for the P&O liner, Aurora. It shows the process from welding the armature, through clay modelling to casting in bronze.

Allan began work on this piece in May 1999 and I documented the process on a regular basis through the summer as he worked on modelling the clay and making a plaster cast. The video will also show the bronze casting processes and finish with the completed piece installed on the liner.

You can see a 30 sec (2.7Mb) QuickTime movie showing a little bit of the early work here.

This video was made with the support of Wimbledon School of Art.

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