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Medium Format Wide Angle Pinhole Camera
This is my first attempt at making a pinhole camera. 120 roll film is loaded from the top and it gives 6 frames per roll (the negative is around 95 x 52mm). I designed it this way because I wanted a curved back (to avoid light fall off) and thought making a light-tight curved door might be difficult. It would be hard to make a 120-roll camera that much smaller than this but loading is a bit awkward.

The camera is made from 2mm mounting board cutouts left over from a session of photo mounting. This idea amused me at the time, especially as the board is archival quality but it turned out to be a bad plan as it's not very easy to bend. The shutter is sprung with the option of cable release operation. It has a tripod bush on the bottom.

Initially I was getting light leakage to adjacent frames so I improved the blanking to the film chambers. I've made other modifications as each round of shooting showed up new problems. I still get a series of well defined vertical bands on seemingly random frames but it only happens once or twice per roll and I'm not sure what is causing it.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a gallery of pictures made with this camera. The second frame was my entry for World Pinhole Day (2004). The '06 entry is 7, below. Scroll down for pictures of the camera.

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I was partly inspired by the book, Adventures with Pinhole & Homemade Cameras by John Evans.
If you are interested in constructing your own cameras I've listed some other books and links here.

Camera with the top off - the shutter is attached to the top.

Initial Design Render from Cinema 4D

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