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I've been experimenting with different cameras and decided to try to find a cheap way to make 6x9 negatives which I could then crop to a panoramic format but still be left with a reasonably large negative. I started with an old "folder", a Zeiss Ikon Nettar camera that takes pretty good 6x9cm negatives. I thought I might add a wide angle adapter to give more coverage than the 105mm lens, but this proved more difficult than expected and in the meantime I bought an Envoy Wide Angle (camera and pictures). This is also 6x9 but has a 65mm lens.

The Envoy is good but still not as wide as I'd like. Another recruit to the cause is a Brooks-Plaubel Veriwide 100 (camera and pictures) which has a 47mm lens. This seems quite promising. Avoiding ebay for awhile, I've also made my own medium format, wide angle pinhole camera.

I also have a Cyclops. This is a medium format swing lens panoramic camera, currently awaiting repair.

Not medium format but part of my testing to find an "ideal" ratio are some pictures taken with a disposable panoramic camera.

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