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Digital: Canon 5D mkII / Canon 30D / Sigma DP1
I started shooting digital with a Kodak DC120. It must have been around 1998 when I was doing a lot of catalogue work where the pictures were usually no more than a inch or two high so its relatively low resolution (1.2 MP - actually an 836,400 pixels CCD) was fine for that (2.5 inches at 300dpi). I didn't own this camera but it gave me the taste for using digital.

The first digital camera I bought for myself was the Fuji MX2900 in 1999. At the end of 2001 I got a Fuji 6900z and in July 2004 I got a Minolta A2 and I currently have a Canon 5D mkII, and a Canon 30D. Compacts: I've also owned a Canon S80, Lumix LX2 and have a Sigma DP1 at the moment (but this page is often out of date!).

Other Cameras

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