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Books on Making Cameras

Here are some recommended books and links on building cameras. (see also the building / hacking section on this books page.
Adventures with Pinhole and Home-made Cameras

by John Evans. This is packed with inspiring makers and photographers. Sub-titled 'From Tin Cans to Precision Engineering', the book is divided into two parts. The first has case histories and describes 16 different photographers and their cameras - some are built from scratch and some are modifications of existing cameras. The second part has practical guidelines including the tables that I used to decide on the focal length of my pinhole camera.

Tim Hunkin has a page about the cameras he's made from tea-chests, road signs and suitcases.
Primitive Photography : A Guide to Making Cameras, Lenses and Photographs

by Alan Greene. This book goes back to basics and shows how to do everything yourself from camera to print. The five sections are: The Film Holder, The Camera Body, The Lens, Calotype Paper Negatives and Salt Prints by Development. Even if you don't follow the extensive plans the book is full of useful information and tips.

Jon Grepstad has a lot of information on photography including Medium Format, Pinholes and details of his book on Building a Large Format Camera,
Pinhole Photography : Rediscovering a Historic Technique

by Eric Renner. This book covers the history of the pinhole in science and art as well as a large chapter on the 'how to of pinhole'. With over 180 colour and black and white photographs this is the 'must have' book on pinhole.
If you don't like the rough look of my pinhole camera, take a look at this, higher quality, design by Kurt Mottweiler.

I also have a page of Photoshop Books.
More Photography books from amazon: