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Brief History: I can't remember the cameras I had as a child. The first one I bought myself was a Russian Zenit SLR. A few years after that I got an Olympus OM-1 which was a great camera but I dropped it too many times. Then there was a period when I didn't shoot much but had a medium format Bronica ETRS and a Canon SureShot. Grim times.

As far as 35mm goes, apart from the occasional disposable panoramic, my cameras have gone via ebay. Most of the recent 35mm on this site comes from a Yashica T5 'point and shoot' (I think it's called a T4 Super in the US - it has a small mirror finder in the top). I've now replaced it with an 8MP Canon compact which I tend to keep set in point and shoot mode. Amongst other 35mm cameras that I haven't made a web page for, I briefly owned a Ricoh 500 Rangefinder.

I've never really believed that a 50mm lens should be the 'standard' for 35mm. The Yashica had a 35mm lens which is ok but I tended to use 24mm on the SLRs. Of course, the actual technology used isn't really important but it's another way into the pictures for some people. Currently, I'm concerned with even wider things.

This gallery is an excuse to throw together some of my old pictures (e.g. the marching band from 1977) with some newer pictures (e.g. no. 8 from 2003).

1. Olympus OM-1
2. Nikon F-801
3. Olympus OM-1
4. Nikon F-801
5. Olympus OM-1
6. Yashica T5
7. Olympus OM-1
8. Nikon F-801

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